Pre Spring 17

The story behind the collection

Whenever I start focusing on a new collection it always starts with a sense or a feeling of something new. It’s hard to explain, but I know what direction I want to take within a heartbeat, and within a glimpse of an eye, I can feel what I want to express for the next collection. BILDE  The world is spinning faster than ever, and we all wonder were it will take us. An example is the fourth industrial revolution and the new economic system coming with it. In this process, we have to re-think how we work and live our lives. On the other side, we are experiencing a time where millions of people are affected by war and are forced to leave their homes, and let’s not forget the beast named terror. The two undermine our urge to be free and feel safe.

bildeI went to London, living in Notting hill for a week to search for new ideas and inspiration, visiting the London Vintage Fashion Show among others. Wow, what a great place! My eyes were drawn to shiny materials, jacquards, embroideries, beautiful prints and colour pallets. Gold and glitter, and everything that shone and sparkled spoke to me.

After a few weeks in Oslo, I went to New York to spend time with friends and family during Christmas. We stayed in the Lower East Side, my vintage heaven. We walked from market to market, and to my favourite antique dealer in Chelsea. She has the quirkiest little shop, full of lingerie and slip dresses from the 20-30’s. Most of the pieces haven’t even been worn! Here I go for the prints, and as you will se in this collection, there is a lot of them!

While London gave me the sparkly 70’s, New York inspired me with the romanticism of the era, the flowers and the delicate fabrics.bilde

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