My dearly-beloved friends
This collection is named and inspired by my recent reflections, it’s called LIFELINE. I am so curious and optimistic about where life is heading, just thinking of the idea that the world is getting smaller and smaller every day and that we are realizing how dependent we are on each other like a wave of energy, these concepts make me smile.

After 10 years, I can see how blessed I have been. I am encountering people all around the world who want to be a part of my dream, a part of by TiMo. I am so grateful and proud of the consumers who are wearing the clothes and the customers who want to buy them, the agents and distributors who represent by TiMo, the suppliers who manufacture for us, as well as the employees who give all their energy to by TiMo.

When I started By TiMo 10 years ago I left my safety net. I felt I had more to give and more to learn, and the day I made that decision, I realized I had begun a new direction for my own lifeline. Taking small steps into the future without giving any thought to what was expected or what was right or wrong. I let my positive heart and intuition guide me down my own path. After living in a world full of worry and recession for some years, it seems people are seeking new directions and solutions in all aspects of life, including the Fashion Industry.

We went to Tokyo to breathe in the first ideas of our new collection. We were so inspired simply by feeling their positive approach to life and studying their creativity. You can, for instantance, feel how the smallest cafes or vintage stores are made from the heart. They really believe in what they do. After a truly inspiring week in Tokyo we continued on to Amsterdam and stayed there for four weeks, we were not done with our creative inspiration and wanted to add that extra sense of creativity which Amsterdam had to offer. There we felt as though we were living in a museum, due to its beautiful environment and the surroundings. The houses and canals all tell a story about a community hundreds of years ago who found new creative and innovative solutions to old problems. June, 21st. 2014 Oslo - Norway
My team and I decided to create the Spring/ Summer 2015 collection in Amsterdam for two reasons. We wanted different surroundings to see everything from a new angle and also to leave our comfort zone and be closer together with less interruption, to give a deeper focus to our collaborative ideas. Having the opportunity to live and breathe the collection 24/7 was a great experience, as the best ideas do not necessary come during the day time or work day. I hope you can see and feel all our joy and playfulness in this sophisticated and strong collection. It definitely has its own personality and expression. We imagined different scenarios and occasions when our independent, intellectual and fresh ByTiMo girls are out enjoying warmer days.

We have added different fabrics and colours in to the same garment. You will find beautiful embroideries, either tone in tone or in fresh colour explosions. We were inspired by a lot of vintage prints we found in Amsterdam and Tokyo and have ended up with marvellous prints. Each one of them embracing the feeling of summer! “Having fun with clothes is an expression of individuality and of power” is a quote which we kept close at hand in the concepts and designs we created.

All qualities tell there own story and are used to fulfil the collection and the ideas behind it. By TiMo always works with long lasting materials such as sustainable leather and knits, using as much natural fibres as we can to maintain our dedication and responsibility to nature and the people wearing the garments. Enchanting silk, cotton and linen to evoke the summer feel and leather, cashmere and wool to create the perfect contrast to any outfit.

The colour card has the perfect blend of delicate soft tones and more colourful retro and fun tones. A sprinkle of gold and silver can work magic for day or night. Combine these with our basic colour tones to make every girls wardrobe perfect. We hope all girls dare to be different and show their personality this season!

"Dress up your heart!"

Love, Tine Mollatt

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