In my traveling mind I colour my everyday with some great sparkling times. Feeling like a nomad. On the road to fashion, where the secrets are in the details making me curious about life. I am a sailor of style, taking two steps forward and one step back. Always making up my own mind. My values, my brand and I, find ourselves blending with different cultures and times. Laying future grounds in perfect balance, all within the heart.
I found myself alone in the streets of Rome, the vibrant colours came to mind. In and out of stores, buying tinted papers, ribbons, absorbing everything with all that I ´ve got. Bright colours, screamed at me all at once, I didn’t know what to do….Until the colour melon connected everything together and created the perfect thread throughout the collection.

That´s why I named it Mindflow!

The social structures in the world are changing. We are becoming families of hyper nomads that are constantly on the move to discover trust and a feeling of belonging. Cooperation and a more liberal society are the secret ingredients for a new and better world that believes in individuals and their freedom.
This will create our new DNA. Make it all flow; colours, prints, cultures, historical influences and shapes. Mix it together to create the new you. Three deliveries, three stories, three color themes with the Melon as a guiding colour.
All fabrics are carefully chosen or created to ensure they are soft, comfortable and long lasting. The shapes are constructed and tailored for the female body. Every print is designed in-house to ensure they tell the story we want to tell. All colours are customized to give the warm tones every girl deserve and desire.
Let your heart and mind wander through the collection, to find your own way. This collection is made to be creative and to play with. The possibilities are endless.
As always my gratefulness goes to the animals that give us wool and cashmere, silkworms for giving us silk, and the plant life giving us cotton, viscose and linen. Great thanks to Mother Earth and to all of you involved in creating my collections. At last but not least a special thanks to our customers all over the world.
"Let us wander together on the road to fashion"

Love, Tine Mollatt

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