Inner Courtesan 

“Our inner courtesan is the aspect of what defines and inspires us!”

For centuries, courtesans were the freest women in the world. They were the arbiters of style, fashion, and trends. Having fun wherever they where, appreciating and relishing every drop of their lives.

I am born in Oslo, Norway, but still, a big part of my inspiration comes from the East.

Since my childhood, I have been extremely fascinated about their nature and beauty, the perfect balance of yin and yang. The chaos and crowds of people, all in great contrast to their peaceful minds, focus and strength, their delicacy, cherry blossoms, their prints and materials.

My family spent a lot of time in Asia, and some of my best childhood-memories come from them telling the most fascinating stories from their travels.
My grandmother and her sisters put on their kimonos and served tea from the most beautiful China, and gave life to these amazing stories.

“When I close my eyes today, many, many years later, I can still see them in front of me.”
Can you imagine, leaving Oslo to spend 18 days in three different metropolises; Tokyo, Hong Kong and Delhi. It’s like a big part of me is coming home.

“My senses are absorbing, breathing and enjoying each and every moment.”

The early spring collection was created on this journey.
Walking along the streets looking at people, or just by having a meal or a cup of coffee.
Marketplaces gave us fabrics, yarns, lace and ribbons and our suppliers and factories helped us find ways to give life to our ideas. We created scrapbooks full of stories, themes, drawings, details and prints. On top of that we found tons of vintage masterpieces to bring back home.

The collection oozes of the new boho girl, the 70s, and vintage inspiration, mixed with classy timeless styles for the ultimate look. You will find delicate spring colors, unique hand-made prints and qualities that play with each other.

Tokyo– Vintage heaven!

We spent days walking around collecting master- pieces made centuries ago, getting new inspiration. Areas like Koenji, Shimokitazawa and Omotesando are my favourites. In these areas the elderly Japanese live side by side with the creative hipsters and students. Here one can find small boutiques, and each one has their very own niche focus. They are passionate,creative and they all so strongly believe in what they do. Here it’s all in the details.

Looking at the collection I can see that Tokyo inspired us with details coming from vintage masterpieces, beautiful prints, conceptual thinking and  femininity.
Hong Kong – Energetic and full of fascinating people!

Due to its entrepreneurial spirit and international influences Hong Kong attracts an eclectic mix of individuals. We spent days searching for fabrics to fulfill our ideas. I am very fascinated about the elderly colonial part, a huge contrast to all the skyscrapers, and lets not forget the great SoHo area.
Hong Kong inspired us by giving us boxes of new delicate, long lasting yarns and fabrics for the new season, and lets not forget the energy from this exiting city were anything seems possible!

New Dehli – Free spirit!
New Delhi can be a little chaotic, but this city has a unique inner peace. It is rich with culture, architecture and human diversity. All types of religions live peacefully side-by-side, creating a city full of freedom, values and dreams.

I just love being at our factories, discussing all our ideas and searching for solutions. Going to Kinari Bazar, the small narrow streets with hundreds of stores with lace, buttons and ribbons. For me, these are the places all my ideas come true!
New Delhi inspired us by sharing their passion and dedication. The most beautiful silks, delicate laces, linen, cotton and embroideries gave life to our new boho girl. This visit gave the extra icing on the cake!

The prints of the season are inspired by the recent travel to Asia, as well as a deep dive into Tine’s archive.

Crazy Tokyo, chic Hong Kong and vibrant India mixed with a touch of European and American influences made the prints chic and contemporary with a personal twist. It is a match made in heaven!
All the prints tell their own story and create a dynamic and global feel.
The combination of bringing new life to the past, history into the contemporary is one of the main inspirations for byTiMo, and this season we wanted to celebrate this to the fullest!Love, Tine Mollatt

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