Our road to fashion continues with inspiration from a mix of cultures, where the world becomes one global family! It will be a radical change and it is as if we will reinvent fashion and start to play again. In a society suffering from a long lasting crisis that has made us humans ferociously protective and unsure of everything, we all should be able to act as we wish and let our dreams create our future.

When I started making this collection I had a lot of different ideas. Everything felt extremely playful and I wanted to melt it all into one idea. I call it sophisticated chaos. The most elegant and simple shapes got a lot of decoration and vintage influence, I even placed different expressions into one garment!

The woman for this collection is strong and open minded, has attitude, is proud and feminine. Her mind and her heart are just like soul mates and they work together hand in hand.
Every quality is carefully chosen. I played with bold fabrics to blend future with history and different cultures. I also spread my beloved vintage inspiratio throughout the collection, sometimes in a reconstructed fabric, lace, print, colour or just a secret little detail.

The colour palette is full of contrasts like life itself, and all colours and prints are designed in-house to fulfill the idea behind the season. It’s like a floating river towards brighter days.

Our vision is to create the perfect balance between fashion and sustainability. My gratefulness goes to Mother Earth, the animals and to all of you involved in creating my collections. Last but not least, a special thanks to you and our customers all over the world.
"Feel free to dress up your heart!"

Love, Tine Mollatt

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