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Introducing our

Social Entrepreneurship

When you purchase from, you are making a direct difference in another woman’s life.

This web shop is handled and operated by women that have been victims of difficult life circumstances, providing them with an opportunity into the working life.

The fashion industry are one of the most greedy and resource intensive industries there is, both considering people and natural resources. Even though we’ve always worked against this part of the industry, Tine still wanted to do something more.

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So we created a social entrepreneurship, with help from Kirkens Bymisjon in Oslo (the Church City Mission), employing women from the local community that has been victims of difficult life circumstances. In every community there are people that have fallen out, and that struggle to get into the working life.

This form of circular economy creates a more including society and give more people a chance to succeed in life.

As a symbol of this new journey and social entrepreneurship, we created a brand new collection. It is Limited Edition and will only be sold right here, at, supporting this new part of byTiMo.


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