Main Office

The byTiMo head office is situated in beautiful Frogner, Oslo, where a group of highly skilled and dedicated people will do their utter most to help you with any enquiry you may have.


Ti-Mo AS head office
Skovveien 11, 0257 Oslo

Tel.: +47 40 40 27 69

Org. nr 993 511 846

Concept Store in Oslo

The wonderful byTiMo concept store at Paleet captures the essence of byTiMo, where byTiMo will materialize into an atmosphere to be seen, touched, smelled and experienced. The byTiMo concept store is not just a place to shop, it’s an environment to experience, to relax in and to enjoy the wonders and creativity of byTiMo and its people.

byTiMo Concept Store / Paleet
Karl Johans gt. 37-43, Oslo
Tel.: +47 45 29 11 89