• the archive Tines Vintage Archive Vintage inspiration to the fullest! Vintage has always been one of Tines key ways of finding new inspiration. Here, you are welcomed into her vintage | Read More >
  • The Archive The Graphic Print Black and white, like two notes on a sheet of paper Like two notes on a sheet of paper, the delicate and structured graphic print | Read More >
  •   The prints of the autumn winter 2015 collection have an inspirational source in antique porcelain, hunted down in France here, a simple plate of porcelain gave the inspiration to | Read More >
  • THE ARCHIVE The lace blouse Delicate Antique Lace Inspiration Delicacy in the form of antique lace tweaks our feeling of nostalgia. It inspires us in numerous ways, and whenever Tine | Read More >
  • AW 15 A Letter Of Love THE STORY BEHIND THE AW15 COLLECTION MOMENTS Life is about the connections you make, and the journey you take. And a moment like this | Read More >
  • THE ARCHIVE The Brocade-Embroidered Vest WITH THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PRINT In a basket filled with hidden treasures we found a vest, cut in half, rough at the edges, but still | Read More >
  • THE ARCHIVE The dust tray THE DUST TRAY BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION This must be the most beautiful dust tray ever made! The print with its delicate flowers, and the shape, | Read More >
  • THE ARCHIVE Egg glass NOT YOUR ORDINARY EGG GLASS! An egg glass can be used to so much more than just eating your morning eggs! While staying at the Moulin | Read More >



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