Jaquard Organza

Posted on September 28 2015

Delicate, crisp and feminine. Organza is truly one of those fabrics with an extra luxurious feel. Organza is a sheer and delicate fabric, creating a subtle and elegant feel to any style. It’s a crisp fabric with a slight sheen to its finish. On this particular organza a jacquard technique has been used on top, to create a more structured feel and touch. Traditionally organza is made out of silk, but to hold the jacquard weave a polyester blend makes it stronger and longer lasting.

The uniqueness of the byTiMo organza is reinforced, as flowers are woven into it, in a jacquard pattern, creating a 3D look to the delicate flowers in the fabric. On top of the jacquard flowers the colours brown and white are printed to achieve the 3D effect.
A rotary printer is used, a printing technique where cylinders goes round and round, printing every time it touches the fabric. This technique was first used in the 1800’s, again reinforcing byTiMo’s love towards history.
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