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Autumn 16

The story behind the collection

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I normally leave my daily-life behind when I am creating a new collection. For days I try to seek into my heart, going into my world of dreams and inspiration, but this time it was incredibly difficult to do so! I created this collection in the Autumn of 2015 and at the time I realised a dramatic change was about to happen just outside my window.

I listened to the conversations around me, and I realised the global political situation was the topic of the conversation.

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The following days I involved myself in the debates regarding the refugees coming to Europe. It was evident, society was changing; the concern for others had started to become society’s guiding beacon. It gave me a feeling of existing, an urge to embrace life and to show kindness and care for others. All in all, it opened my senses. And then, the inspiration and the word “Embrace” came to me.

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For inspiration, I travelled to historical Florence to attend the yarn fair and the vintage fashion show in the fantastic Stazione Leopalda.

As well as Florence, I travelled to Reykjavik to feel and breathe their ever-changing nature, and to meet the inspiring people this city beholds.

I wanted to celebrate clothes and their roots, liberated from all trends, giving room for imagination and creativity.

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The collection is filled with bold, delicate and beautiful prints, all created in my studio in Oslo, ensuring a distinctive and heart made look. I believe the uniqueness of the prints expresses the personality and individuality of the collection.

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