Autumn Winter 2017



The Kansas Print


About a year ago, when Tine was vintage hunting in New York, she found a very old robe, a typical bathrobe from the 1920’s, which had the most beautiful print.

The robe had never been worn, and it had a little tag on saying that it had once been sold for only one dollar! 

kansas print img 2Can you imagine, such a beautiful old thing, in the thinnest, purest silk, being sold for only one dollar – and no one had never even worn it! 

We were thrilled, and simply had to do something with this gorgeous piece. And what we made out of it, was the “Kansas” print, which can be seen on our kaftan of the season.

kansas img 2

Wear it over some denim or a pair of leather trousers, with just a t-shirt inside, or wrap it together with a slip dress underneath, and you have a gorgeous dress! Who doesn’t love multi-purpose pieces…

kansas img 3

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