Spring Summer 2016

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A Beautiful Mind


“She is confident in the way she dresses, she is inclusive and she is caring. She stands up for what she believes in and shows empathy. She has a focus on her inner peace and reflects about what is right and what is wrong.”

Strong and individual women who choose to embrace their own, beautiful minds, has been the inspiration behind the spring summer 2016 collections.

I encourage you to be a beautiful rebel with empathy! The two collections in the Spring Summer 2016 story were created on a journey to Tokyo, Hong Kong and Delhi.

The East is a very important source of inspiration to me, and has been since my childhood. Previous generations of my family spent a lot of time here, and ever since my childhood I’ve been told stories that made this part of the world seem very real. Because of this, it’s like a big part of me is coming home on these ventures.

“When I close my eyes today, many, many years later, I can still see them in front of me.”

On this journey we visited great places for vintage fashion and antiques, marketplaces inspired us with fabrics, yarns, ribbons and laces, and our beloved factories helped us give life to our ideas.

At the same time, I absorbed articles from fashion and trend magazines from around the world; Japan, South Korea, Italy and France. Without the knowledge of their lingua, their stories and imagery still inspired me.

They questioned and made fun of the self-obsessed era we are currently living in. Instead of adapting and doing the same as everybody else, they motivated their readers to embrace the unique, the honest, and what is actually real in life.

I can feel that we are experiencing a grand shift in trends, both mentally and physically.The woman that is feminine, yet powerful, who has confidence and who speaks up for herself, who is an individual and is inspiring in every way!

This is what I believe in, and I can now see that this will be the forthcoming trend.

“She wants something more than just a label! She cares about the story behind the garment. She wants to know how the garment is made, that it is made of good quality, that it feels great to her skin, makes her feel feminine and strong, and that it is unique!”

These collections ooze of the new boho girl, the 70’s, and vintage inspiration, mixed withclassy timeless styles for the ultimate look.

Beauty is something everyone beholds.
Embrace it, and own it!

The combination of bringing new life to the past and bringing history into the contemporary is, as always, the main part of my inspiration. For spring summer 2016 we celebrate it through the delicate spring colours, the vintage inspired prints and qualities that play with each other.

Glorious materials, prints and colours symbolise the power of the woman wearing byTiMo.
As Oscar Wilde said it so beautifully:

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face,It ́s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heartand most important – A beautiful soul!”

Tokyo, New York, Paris and Florence! These are all great places to find vintage inspiration, and the prints of the season are inspired from these travels.We have also done an extension to the prints used in the early spring collection. We simply wanted the two collections to feel like Yin and Yang!

The combination of bringing new life to the past, bringing history into the contemporary, is something that has always been one of the main sources of inspiration for byTiMo, and this season we wanted to celebrate this to the fullest!

In this collection we use the same prints in several groups, but in different sizes and on different surfaces. We challenge you to create your own signature, either with wearing the prints combined or as a contrast element to an outfit.

Be yourself and have fun! We hope that the prints, colours and the collection will do that for you!– Tine Mollatt

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