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Broderie Anglaise 

Spring essentials 

Broderie Anglaise, it sounds quite fancy – and it looks just as beautiful. The broderie Anglaise is a traditional embroidery technique that originated in 16th century Europe.

Even though the name claims England to be its birthplace, there are actually no facts making this true.

bilde1 The embroidery technique can be noticed by its round or oval holes, which have been cut into the fabric, with stitching around the edges.

This season we have made the holes look like beautiful flowers, which are just perfect for spring! The design is unique and designed by us here in Oslo, ensuring a exclusive look, that you only can find on our designs. Combine the white material with denim to achieve a cool contrast.

bilde 2 If you dare, choose the black option – and edgy take on this classic and feminine technique!

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