Travel Treasures


Vintage heaven!

Creating the Early Spring collection took meon a journey to Asia, and it all started in Tokyo. Tokyo is an extremely chaotic city, and the busy life met me immediately, yet, what I treasure about this place is the peacefulness of its nature and people. The chaos and peacefulness harmonize side by side, creating a unique atmosphere. Yes, the concept of yin and yang sure does come to its rightful place in this city.


We spent days walking around collecting masterpieces made centuries ago, getting new inspiration. Areas like Koenji, Shimokitazawa and Omotesando are my favourites. In these areas the elderly Japanese live side by side with the creative hipsters and students. They are passionate, creative and they all so strongly believe in what they do. Here, it’s all in the details!

Looking at the collection, I can see that Tokyo inspired us with details coming from vintage masterpieces, beautiful prints, conceptual thinking and femininity.

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