Inner Courtesan

PRE 2016

Inner Courtesan

The story behind the collection

“Our inner courtesan is the aspect of what defines and inspires us!”

For centuries, courtesans were the freest women in the world. They were the arbiters of style, fashion, and trends. Having fun wherever they where, appreciating and relishing every drop of their lives.
I am born in Oslo, Norway, but still, a big part of my inspiration comes from the East.

Since my childhood, I have been extremely fascinated about their nature and beauty, the perfect balance of yin and yang. The chaos and crowds of people, all in great contrast to their peaceful minds, focus and strength, their delicacy, cherry blossoms, their prints and materials.

So, when creating the Pre 2016 collection, I went on a journey to the East. Can you imagine, leaving Oslo to spend 18 days in three different metropolises; Tokyo, Hong Kong and New Delhi. It’s like a big part of me is coming home.

“My senses are absorbing, breathing and enjoying each and every moment.”

The collection oozes of the new boho girl, the 70s, and vintage inspiration, mixed with classy timeless styles for the ultimate look. You will find delicate spring colors, unique hand-made prints and qualities that play with each other. 

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