Tines Vintage Archive


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Tines Vintage Archive

Vintage inspiration to the fullest!

Vintage has always been one of Tines key ways of finding new inspiration. Here, you are welcomed into her vintage archive, to see where the magic truly happens!

The feeling of finding something old and giving it new life is an art that Tine and her team cherishes.

byTiMo’s unique collections are always inspired by vintage. Fashion pieces, antique objects and art, created decades ago. This truly ensures the uniqueness of every byTiMo product.

It can be something as little as the stitching of the garment, a button or lace, or, it can be the general silhouette, the print, or a simple little detail, that gives inspiration and creates new ideastines archive 2.

“My main inspiration comes from my vintage treasures and archive. Every season is like walking down memory lane for me, giving new life to something old.’’

Over the years Tine have collected hundreds of vintage masterpieces, which have resulted in a room full of beautiful clothes. Here, one can walk around for days, absorbing all the history and beautiful fashion. The silhouettes, the touch and the smells, makes you feel like you are taking a journey back in time.

“The Archive” is the place where you can read more about Tine’s vintage inspiration, and how it inspires her to create more beautiful clothing.

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