There is no secret to the fact that we are truly passionate about dresses. Finding the perfect silhouette, the right drape, flow and fabric, is something we’re in search of every day. Dresses that are flattering to the feminine shape is our speciality, and the feminine series of dresses has become a true hit! We are honoured, and are continuing to design new shapes and models for you!

The prints

The prints in the feminine dresses series truly speak for themselves. As with all the prints in the byTiMo collections they are made in house. Designed and painted with the best techniques. Tine loves vintage fashion, and takes inspiration from different eras, something one can find in the prints as well.

The quality

The viscose moss crepe combined with special satin weaves, gives the fabric a crepe like touch on the outside and a soft silky feel on the inside. It’s the better of two worlds!

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The Long Sleeved Pocket Dress

With a shape to suit women of all shapes and sizes, this dress is perfect for every occasion! Dress it up with some nice heels for the finer events, or dress it down with a pair of boots or sneakers and our dawn blazer. 

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The Feminine Volume Dress

A classic shape that has been in the byTiMo collections for a couple of seasons, we simply can’t let it go! Feminine and figure hugging at the waist, yet, with a voluminous skirt that drapes elegantly to achieve a flowy look. This time its been updated with the prints of the season. Remember, with wool stockings in brown or black, you have the perfect look for the colder months as well!

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The Feminine Dress

This dress has it all. It has long sleeves, making it perfect for autumn and winter. Yet, it has a narrow waist to flatter the feminine silhouette. The dress looks just as lovely with a knitted cardigan as with a classic blazer on top.

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