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Being from Norway, we know a thing or two about cold winters. Trying to stay warm, but still looking great, is a problem that arrives every season as summer turns to autumn, and autumn turns to winter.

Faux Fur
The faux fur has been a trend for seasons now, and our styles of the season will definitely make your girlfriends jealous.

Faux fur has an elegant expression and the fur imitation created especially for byTiMo will give you a feeling of soft luxury.

Go for the long, heavy one if you prefer to cover up! This will definitively keep you warm during the cold winter months. The coat in itself is elegant, yet trendy with its almost oversized look. The soft pockets are perfect to cover your iced winter hands.

winter is coming2

 Or, if you prefer a more cropped look, go for the shorter aviator model. The style is classic, yet with the elegant twist of the wool and the faux fur contrast, creating an elegant and up to date look.

The combo coat has a delicate mix of colours, creating a more interesting look. The shape is straighter than the other models and achieves a sharper silhouette. The delicate, almost pastel looking colours, gives soft and light expression, if you prefer the lighter tones.

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Light Down Jackets
There’s no such thing as an ordinary down jacket now a days. There are several different shapes, silhouettes and practicalities to think about when making your selection.

These jackets and coats are made of 90% duck down and 10% duck feathers, the perfect combination to keep you warm throughout the winter. The styles are soft to the touch, almost with a peachy expression.

The down blazer is the winter version of the leather jacket. It’s sharp, elegant and perfect over shirts, sweaters and the likes. JacketJacket2 
The A-shaped variety has an interesting kimono look about it. It has a wide collar, perfect to close together so that you have your neck covered up, no need for a scarf here! The lower section of the arms is detachable, so if you dare, take them off, and go for long leather gloves for an interesting and ladylike look.

Then, there is the parka. The perfect parka with a practical detachable faux fur lining inside. Choose to wear it without the lining, and you have a lighter coat!

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