The lace blouse


The lace blouse

Delicate Antique Lace Inspiration

Delicacy in the form of antique lace tweaks our feeling of nostalgia. It inspires us in numerous ways, and whenever Tine finds a new lace at a market, a vintage boutique or in an old book, we can’t wait to see what new design she might come up with. For the last few seasons we have incorporated high neck lace blouses into the collections. By simply adding a lace neck to a blouse, it creates a more unique and individual look.

A delicate lace blouse from the very beginning of the 1900’s gave the inspiration to this high neck. The blouse is truly worn out, with holes and ruff edges framing it. Although, within all this ruggedness, true beauty, nostalgia and craftsmanship can be found.

“Laces like this are nearly impossible to find nowadays, as the intricate machines that made them almost no longer exist.”

For a truly unique and vintage inspired look, go for the byTiMo lace neck blouse this season.

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