Maria Mena


Maria Mena


Maria Mena is a Woman We Love, she inspires us and stands up for what she believes in. She’s living her dream of being an artist, creating beautiful music, warming people’s hearts. In the first of our Woman We Love series, she lets us into her life, her wonderful world of music and shares our mutual love towards quality and craftsmanship.

Her at home environment has natural light shining in through the large windows. Writing, the light gives her thrive, a passion, and it guides her when her lyrics become too emotional. It takes her back to reality.

What inspires you to create music?

I started writing music because I needed a place to put my thoughts and feelings. Where I could explain me to myself, where I felt safe enough to say what I really meant. I still, to this day, write like that. For us, being from the world of fashion, its clear to see that the way Maria is creating music, is very similar to the way Tine is creating clothes. Her life stands still when she creates. Emotions go in a flux. Loneliness and insecurities. But at the end, it’s all worth it. Because her songs warms peoples hearts, and her audience makes her feel that in some way, she makes a difference. She explains how she feels lighter when an emotion is expressed through a song. A feeling that might have been heard to understand, are now broken down piece by piece, like poetry.

With your music, you are very involved and considered of the process behind the finished product, do you have the same interest towards clothes and fashion as well?

Absolutely, I love when I am able to buy clothes that have been made with a careful thought behind them. So, I have started investing more in pieces I know are consciously made, and lets not forget, made by the heart.

Her line of work gives her joy, understanding, and a meaning in life. This is definitely what puts that great smile upon her face. She has a unique passion to life and an inspiring way of being purely, her.

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