The Brocade-Embroidered Vest


The Brocade-Embroidered Vest


In a basket filled with hidden treasures we found a vest, cut in half, rough at the edges, but still striking as something unique, filled with inspiration!

An extraordinary embroidered vest, cut in half, laying in a basket in one of the finer vintage fashion boutiques of the market, caught our attention with its fine brocade embroideries. It almost gives a hint to the traditional folk costumes of northern Europe, giving us Norwegians, a warm and humble kind of emotion!



We took the technique and flowers of the embroidery with us home and placed it onto the most eye catchy taffeta garments.

Sophia makes this jacket and skirt look sensual in a delicate and sophisticated way, whilst Iris glams it up with the elegant maxi skirt, perfect for the more formal events!

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