Le Moulin de la Planche



Le Moulin de la Planche

In the need of inspiration? A 17th century mill in the French countryside is your answer.

Creating a new collection takes a lot of time and energy. Travelling and experiencing new cultures is an important source of the inspiration behind the byTiMo collections. When creating the AW15 collection, Tine decided to rent a property in the countryside outside Paris! We have never seen anything as quaint and beautiful, it was like being in a French movie, biking along the countryside with a baguette in our baskets…

The beautiful property we rented, called Le Moulin de la Planche, is located in a residential area. Surrounded by other grand properties. Gardens and forests within your sight, tennis courts, alleys with beautiful trees and flowers, like a magical forest. The mill was built in the 17th century and is located in the Vaucouleurs Valley, west of Yvelines, 60km from Paris, about a 40-minute train ride into central Paris.

“For ten whole weeks we stayed here, drawing, sketching, brainstorming, enjoying the French lifestyle!”


For us, this was the perfect place to be, as we had a world of vintage and antique ‘brocantes’, fairs and markets on our doorstep. This was a world unlike anything we have ever experienced, and it gave us endless amounts of inspiration!

The area is highly recommended, and we would advice you to take a trip this lovely market in Houdan Ferme Du Bois de L´epicier

By the entrance of the Rambouillet forest, in the area of Houdan, we found the most interesting farm with vintage and antique objects scattered around the building. We simply had to go in, and what we found was not something short of inspiration.

This is the place that Tines eyes opened to using vintage porcelain as print inspiration. We even found antique objects to decorate our concept store at Paleet in Oslo, that we were building at the time. Visit for more information.

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