The dust tray beyond our imagination


The dust tray


This must be the most beautiful dust tray ever made! The print with its delicate flowers, and the shape, almost like a seashell, makes us very nostalgic. Luckily for us, we could transfer the print on to our garments. The dark background with the beige contrast flowers, gives the subtle vintage feel and one can truly see that the print is based on something old…

The tray was found in the outskirts of Paris, and it came with us home to Oslo at the end of our journey. It has now travelled the world! It’s been to our factory in New Delhi, for them to truly see all the intricate details of the print, and when the collection was sold to boutiques around the world, we had it on display in our showroom.

” It’s unbelievable how something so simple, can create so much beauty.”

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