Not your ordinary egg glass


Egg glass


An egg glass can be used to so much more than just eating your morning eggs! While staying at the Moulin we wanted to experience as much as possible of the beautiful French countryside surrounding us.We walked, drove and biked around in the search of inspiration and new ideas. One day we drove by the little village Bû, where we found an old barn made into an antique market. It had shelves and shelves of old porcelain packed around the walls. It really gave you the feeling of being in an old flea market. But within all this mess, we also found a unique form of beauty. The plates and cups where filled with the most beautiful flowers and motifs, almost like embroideries on a piece of clothing. And then it hit Tine, why not use these motifs as the base for the prints in the AW15 collection! So Tine and her team started hunting for prints to use in the collection they where currently creating.

At this particular brocante we found an egg glass with a beautiful flower painted on it. We took this flower and made it into our very own print, as you can see on this dress, with inspiration from the 1940’s.

This form of inspiration was completely new, and opened up a whole new world for creating new prints. The hunt for beautiful porcelain still goes on today and will continue inspiring byTiMo’s collections in years to come.

Style the dress with men’s shoes or boots in the wintertime, and you have a elegant, yet contemporary and feminine look.

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