Birdy Birdy Birdy


Birdy Birdy Birdy


This little bird helped creating the most beautiful knits for autumn! Going on treasure hunts is one of our main ways of getting new inspiration. On a beautiful day whilst creating the AW15 collection, we went to a quaint brocante, in the Houdan area, outside Paris.

Walking though the serene nature and surroundings really puts you in a place of harmony. We found a tiny boutique with lots of great vintage pieces, everything from porcelain to buttons and lamps where displayed.

Placed in a dark corner was this hand stitched embroidered board. This clearly has Japanese influences and it gave us so much inspiration! It is unique like anything we have ever seen before, and would be perfect as a placement print on different fabrics. We chose to print the pattern on tops, as we wanted it to be big and visible in size.

And viola, we had a beautiful print on a cardigan and jumper, sown with a lurex thread, to give it some extra sparkle!

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