A Letter Of Love

AW 15

A Letter Of Love


Life is about the connections you make, and the journey you take. And a moment like this I experienced in France, while creating the AW15 collection. I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT Leaving Oslo and busy days to spend ten weeks in the countryside outside Paris. Six people, two dogs and twenty boxes of my vintage archive entered an old mill in the most beautiful surroundings. What a fairy tale! Le Moulin de la Planche, the old 17th century mill with its long corridors, locked towers, big halls and dark starry nights made me feel that the past is still very present. It gave me a touch of floating harmony and the better of two worlds.  


And moments in time I found when travelling to the ‘brocantes’ in the area, and to one of my favourite vintage destinations, the Clingeancourt. I spent days collecting beautiful old treasures, shapes, fabrics, prints, colours and porcelain, feeling new ideas rising! PRECIOUS MOMENTS. I instantly knew that the

‘Riding Ballerina’

was meant to be my guiding star when creating this collection. The riding ballerina symbolizes the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, thick and thin fabrics that fulfills each other, subtle and light colours. All in all, A BALANCED MOMENT.  Luxurious and wearable classics, in long-lasting qualities. Sophisticated shapes and fabrics, to create the ultimate look. The perfect mix of contemporary and vintage. MOMENTS OF LOVE.

Last but not least I hope this collection gives and tells the story YOU are waiting for 

– Tine Mollatt

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