The Vintage Hunt

Share your vintage!

One of Tine’s main ways of finding inspiration is through vintage and antique pieces.
Whether it is a unique flowery print, the silhouette of a dress, the collar of a shirt or simply just a little button, this can inspire her to create something new and beautiful.

vintage image 1      vintage image 2

This time we want help from you! And we want to encourage you to find something old that you love that you would like us to recreate! Perhaps you still have one of your grandmother’s dresses that you would like to have redesigned?

We will announce several winners, and the winners will have their garments redesigned or recreated.

So dig into your wardrobe, or perhaps your grandmother’s closet!

How to enter:
1) Follow byTiMo on Pinterest
2) Create a board on your Pinterest called “the byTiMo vintage hunt”
3) Add the images you like!  
4) Tag all the images on your board with #bytimo #bytimovintage
If you’re not a member of Pinterest; you can become one here; (it’s so easy!)

vintage image 3    

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