When you shop at byTiMo.no, you are making a direct difference in another woman’s life.

This web shop is handled and operated by women that have been victims of difficult life circumstances, providing them with an opportunity into the working life.

The fashion industry is a very greedy and resource intensive industry, both considering people and natural resources. Even though we’ve always worked against this part of the industry, we still wanted to do something more. In every community, there are people that have fallen out, and that struggle to get into the working life. So, we created a social entrepreneurship, with help from the City Mission in Oslo, employing women from the local community. 

This form of circular economy, helps bring the global back to the local, and creates a more including society, giving more people a chance to succeed in life.

byTiMo Cares
We care about the animals giving us silk, wool and cotton, the farmers harvesting our raw materials, the employees at the factories making our garments and the people printing our fabrics. We work with a strict set of codes of conduct and ethics, to make sure that everyone involved with our business is taken care of in the best possible way. 

We believe in taking care of the people we work with!
Our factories must take care of their workers, give them a decent living wage, and have proper working conditions.
When printing and colouring our fabrics, the water is recycled, so that no coloured wastewater will pollute the rivers and drinking water in the villages and areas of our manufacturers.

We are passionate about quality!
We only work with long lasting materials and fabrics, and the tailoring of a garment should enhance its longevity. We work with the long trends, all in all we want to reduce the waste culture of our time by enhancing the life span of our products.

byTiMo Loves Women
We are working with women’s crisis shelters in Oslo, giving complete clothing packages to women without anything, with everything one might need clothing wise.

In the Christmas time, we fill up several cars with Christmas presents to those less fortunate, and hand them over to the house in Oslo.